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34MineLi Review

34MineLi is an innovative mobile app that explores the exciting future of investment in lithium mining. This provides new opportunities to grow your money in the lithium industry. However, this platform is special because it lets you watch lithium mining happen live. In this platform you can earn money from two methods, one is by making investment and the other is by referral, means you will invite your friends through your link and they will invest here then you will get profit from them.

This means you can take advantage of big opportunities for growth you can make up to 3 to 3.5% profit every day. That’s a great way to make money while also supporting sustainable investments.  

Furthermore, forget about old-fashioned ways of investing! With 34MineLi, investors can spread out their money and make big profits by getting involved in the growing lithium market. Lithium is super important for batteries in electric cars and storing renewable energy. Because the world is moving towards cleaner energy, the demand for lithium is going up fast.

When you invest in lithium mining with 34 MineLi, you can make money and help support clean energy projects all over the world. Here you can deposit and withdraw in many different ways such as: Jazz Cash, EasyPaisa (auto), Paycam wallet, TRX (tron), USDT (bep20) and USDT (trc20).

How to get start with 34MineLi?

To join this platform, first of all you have to open your Google browser and navigate to the official website of 34MineLi and register your account or by clicking on the green download button above and Download the mobile app of 34MineLi website and register your account.

Actually, Here you can start your investment journey from 1$ to 50000$ which is a small amount for every user. As soon as you make your first investment your first plan will be activated which is for 3000 hours. That’s means you will get 0.004 lithium coins every hour and in 3000 hours you will earn a lot of coins. However, after 3000 hours your plan will expire and you have to activate new plan with new investment to earn more from here.

Features of 34MineLi App

  • Real time updates on lithium mining operations.
  • Manage your investment portfolio within the mobile app.
  • Conduct transactions securely within the app using advanced encryption.
  • Designed to enhance the user experience for both novice and experienced investors.
  • Allowing users to seek assistance, resolve queries, and receive personalized guidance.
  • Empowering you to make informed decisions and safeguard your financial interests.

Honest Reviews of Peoples

Positive Review:

  • It works 100% and gives you a good profit, believe me, so download it once and try it.
  • The profit is not so much but still you can make profit from here it is a working platform.
  • Good customer support service.  

Negative Review:

  • I have deposited 300 pkr but still not showing in my account.
  • Not a complete lie 300 to 100k its fake it gives 0.1300℅ how to make 100k it’s really bad if your get refer you earn so much.
  • It’s very slow and works very late. I made a deposit in the morning but still no money is showing in my account.


As you know there are many online money making websites and apps on Google but few of them are legit and rest are used for scam so my advice to you is this. Before investing in any app or website, one should know about it properly before investing in it.

However, 34MineLi is a recently launched platform where you are allowed to mine lithium coins but the condition is that you have to invest some money first. This platform claims to change the way you invest and lead to more returns.